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Watch Larry Ladowski and friends catch monster smallmouths on Lake Michigan

Video of the Week: Monster Smallies!

This will get you wishin’ for some summertime fishin’ for sure… Larry Ladowski heads onto Sturgeon Bay with Bret Alexander and Mike Welsh. Drop-shotting with Gulp! and it’s yours for just one click!

Ray Eye films a turkey hunt from a special place we feature in the March, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors

Treasures Nobody Else Wants

In this day of lush food plots and valuable hunting land that’s hard to get access to, average hunters can feel left out. Finding a good place to hunt wild turkeys is a challenge no matter where you live, but …

Hall of Fame guide Tom Neustrom is the guest on MidWest Outdoors Podcast

MWO Podcast #2: Tom Neustrom in his own words

Welcome back, to our second episode of the MidWest Outdoors Podcast… On today’s show, we sit down with police officer, tournament angler, and hall of fame guide Tom Neustrom. One of the greatest jig fishermen in history, one of only …

Technology driven fishing

Technology Driven Fishing

BY Chris McDonald Technology is always evolving; it’s a product of the world we live in. The constantly changing world of technology is even evident in fishing. Fishing electronics have made monumental leaps and bounds over the last five to …

Monster cats blog

Monster Cats

By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson Want to catch a big fish? No, not just a big fish, a huge fish? The North American record flathead catfish caught on a rod and reel weighed 123 pounds when it was taken from the …

Scouting deer blog

Purposeful Scouting for Deer Season Success

By Don Gasaway Great hunters study their quarry all year. Often hunting season is only a few weeks, with months of talking and dreaming. Modern technology has allowed hunters to observe their quarry all year with the use of trail cameras. …

Tungsten Jigs blog pic

Tungsten Jigs, The Other Alternative

By Cory Yarmuth The world of ice fishing seems to change day by day and it is a challenge for a fisherman to keep up. Some changes are for the better and some just seem to catch more fishermen than fish. …

MidWest Outdoors contributor Eric Haataja will be speaking at Rosemont (Chicago) Sports Show

Video of the Week: Haataja at Rosemont Show!

For everybody headed to the big Chicago Outdoor Sports Show at the Rosemont Convention Center, don’t miss MidWest Outdoors contributor Eric Haatja’s info-packed seminars… he’ll be dishing out great fishing advice during the run of the show. Make plans now… …

Dave Genz pulling out in his van for a day of ice fishing

Become a Traveling Ice Angler

Being well traveled is a valued asset in many areas of life, and it’s definitely true in ice fishing. No matter how much time you spend on the water, if it’s always the same water, you can easily fall into …