If you have a great hunting photo, send it to us! Send us your eye-catching photo along with a brief caption AND YOU COULD WIN ONE OF THESE GREAT PRIZES*:
To enter online fill out the form and upload your photo at the bottom of this page. If you wish to mail in your entry form click here to download a printable entry form.
Barronett Blinds Wind Storm
A lightweight ground blind, the Wind Storm is easy to carry into any hard-to-reach hunting location. This compact blind has a unique shape that is taller than it is wide, providing plenty of head room for any hunter to shoot from effectively. It’s perfect for running and gunning while turkey or predator hunting.
MaxxDryXL Boot, Shoe & Glove Dryer
MaxxDryXL “forced air” technology gently dries four about one hour! MaxxDryXL works quickly to remove moisture, perspiration, and bacteria and mold—the primary causes of odor! A totally flexible multi-dryer includes everything to dry a combination of tall boots and short boots, boots and gloves, two pair of gloves or children’s shoes and mittens, and requires no additional attachments. Using either heat or no heat, the MaxxDryXL will not harm linings. MaxxDryXL does not release potentially damaging ozone into the air. It dries purely with gently warmed “forced air.” Feature-for-feature, the MaxxDryXL is the finest boot, shoe and glove dryer/warmer available.Wader extensions are also available.
Huntworth Gear
The Huntworth brand is built on a foundation of functional, form-fitting apparel, forwardthinking design and unheard of affordability. Their in-house design team works relentlessly to integrate cutting edge design elements crossing over to other extreme sports for a next generation approach to hunting apparel. Huntworth utilizes camouflage patterns that cover all needs: wooded, wetlands, prairie, snow and blaze camo.
Prize Pack #1: Fleece Lined Tricot Jacket, Men’s Lined Tricot Bib Overalls and a Tri-Laminate Hunting Military Hat
Prize Pack #2: Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt, Men’s Tri-Laminate Shooters Glove and a Performance Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps
Prize Pack #2: Men’s Performance Hoodie, Men’s Tri-Laminate Shooters Glove and a Men’s Beanie Hat
MINOX Binoculars BV ll 8x25
The MINOX BV 8x25 are compact waterproof binoculars designed for universal application. These compact binoculars from MINOX rank in a class of their own! Thanks to the modern optical system, the BV 8x25 and BV 10x25 guarantee unadulterated viewing enjoyment with high image contrast and excellent detail rendition. All glass/air surfaces feature a multi-layer coating for maximum light transmission and stunning brilliance of the image without interfering reflections.
Brenneke Green Lightning Slugs
The Brenneke® Green Lightning® 12 ga. slug is proven to generate up to 67% greater penetration than leading competitors. It is power personified, with muzzle energy greater than many centerfire rifles. (10 boxes)
Dead Ringer Sights and Broadheads
Dead Ringer is extremely passionate about design, function and providing top quality products at affordable prices. Their Rampage two-inch, two-blade broadheads are the most lethal to hit the market with an adjustable cutting diameter from 7/8 inch to a deadly 1 1/2 inch upon opening. The Duck Buster rear oval shotgun sight has a perfect built-in lead and is ideal for newcomers as well as seasoned verterans. The Monteria Red Dot Laser offers four reticles and two colors to choose from at the flick of a switch. It has unlimited eye relief, adjustable brightness and is shock & water resistant.
Hunter Safety System Elite & LifeLine
The HSS-ELITE is packed with features such as six pockets, removable bino straps and unique zippered design but is lightweight and, most importantly, safe. The HSS-LifeLine always keeps you safe from the ground up, during the hunt and back down again.
(Entries that do not follow all the rules will be disqualified.)
  • Entries: should include one photo with a caption of no more than 600 characters. Photo may be of any hunting-related subject matter (ie: trophy shot, scenic/nature shot, individual/group shot or anything relating to the overall hunting experience.) Only one entry per person please. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Uploaded photos must be in .jpg format. Please upload a high resolution photo.
  • Judging: will be based on quality of photo, subject matter and overall imagery. Photo not judged solely on size of kill. We encourage photos to validate any claims made in your entry, but they are not mandatory.
  • Territory: Photos must be taken from HUNTS IN THE MIDWEST ONLY: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, North & South Dakota, Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky and Nebraska.
  • Entry Form: all participants must fully complete the entry form below. Entries without completed forms will not be accepted.
  • Permission: contestants grant MidWest Outdoors permission to print winning entries in the November 2012 issue.
  • Deadline: September 27, 2013.
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*Some prizes may differ slightly from the models or styles that are shown. Winners will receive a prize of comparable value.

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