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Knowing a Deer’s Home Range is Important  
By Doug Thalacker

We have all heard, told the stories about or have seen the pictures of the elusive buck that seems to appear all summer long but disappears come hunting season. The mailman saw him crossing the road. Some fisherman saw him a half mile away in a hay field. We even give him names—“The Ghost” or “Old Drop Tine.” Collect enough stories and a pattern can emerge. The buck is often seen within a certain area. Enough sightin...
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Getting Ready for Gun Season  
By John Bennett

If there is one single day in the year that stimulates an irresistible urge to go hunting it is the opening day of gun season. Young men and women (and some of us seniors as well) begin to develop tunnel vision and can be heard mumbling about blaze orange, slug barrels, doe pee, and all manner of outdoor accoutrements. Yep, it is deer hunting season, once again, and I love it.     Actually, my preparations begin months in advance ...
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Turn the Tables on Older Whitetails  
By Ken Nordberg

 It's November. If you are an avid deer hunter like me, this is the finest month of the year. The mere thought of November triggers an avalanche of fond memories in my mind. Some simple yet somehow exciting memories include sounds most other people never hear or notice: the sighing of pines in soft breezes, for example, lazy woof-woofs of raven wings passing overhead, trills of red squirrels greeting the rising sun, mournful howls of gray wo...
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Create Your Own Whitetail Paradise  
By Todd Amenrud

This buck had almost ten inches of palmate antler mass above his G-2. That’s what caught my eye as he approached through the swamp. My heart was pounding and my left leg was shaking so hard it made the treetop jiggle. He was following a scent trail of Special Golden Estrus that I set up before getting into my treestand. He stopped, did a lip curl, raked the brush with his antlers, and then put his nose to the ground and continued on the tra...
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Remain Undetected With These Five Tips  By Darin Potter
It starts the minute we set foot outside of our vehicle or home, yet so many bow hunters become careless and traipse to their treestands with a carefree attitude and lack of attention to details. I’m talking about going undetected in the deer w...
Tactical Gun Handling for Upland Game  By Mike Keleher
While hunting is not a competitive sport, do you still envy “the other guy” who always seems to be more successful? Of course! Are they really better, or just seem to be lucky? Like any other sport, “luck” is really a combinat...
The Art of Decoying Waterfowl  By Troy Smutka
Tips and Strategies from 30 Years of Waterfowling Experience While sitting around a campfire this past summer, my dad, brother, and I were recalling some waterfowl hunting memories with a couple of friends. During the break between a couple of stori...
When Deer Numbers are Down Tip the Odds in Your Favor  By Ray Hansen
I’m facing a situation for the 2014 hunting season common to many other Midwestern bow and arrow deer hunters: reduced deer numbers after 2013’s rough winter. In this article, I’ll pass along some ideas that can help you tip the odd...
The Most Important Skill In Whitetail Hunting  By Ken Nordberg
What is the most important skill in whitetail hunting? Is it accuracy with your gun or bow? Is it the ability to recognize a productive stand site? Is it the ability to get to a stand site without alerting or alarming deer? Is it the abilit...
The Spring Line-Up Scouting For Gobblers  By Todd Amenrud
Sweat soaked my facemask as I ascended the huge Wisconsin ridge. I was trying to make it to the top to intercept a gobbler that had been answering my calls and I had only 30 minutes of legal shooting time left. When I found a spot to set up, it sound...

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