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The Most Important Skill In Whitetail Hunting  
By Ken Nordberg

What is the most important skill in whitetail hunting? Is it accuracy with your gun or bow? Is it the ability to recognize a productive stand site? Is it the ability to get to a stand site without alerting or alarming deer? Is it the ability to hike to or from a stand site in total darkness? Is it the ability to avoid being identified by whitetails via scent, sound or sight? Is it the ability to remain comfortable and sit still four to ...
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The Spring Line-Up Scouting For Gobblers  
By Todd Amenrud

Sweat soaked my facemask as I ascended the huge Wisconsin ridge. I was trying to make it to the top to intercept a gobbler that had been answering my calls and I had only 30 minutes of legal shooting time left. When I found a spot to set up, it sounded like he was within 150 yards. He was fired up and I thought this was going to be a “slam-dunk.”     During the next 25 minutes, I brought the tom within 50 to 60 yards ...
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Turkeys In The Forest  
By Jason Houser

Just think about turkey hunting and your mind races to green fields and forest edges with new leaves and flowers beginning to blossom. This is where many turkeys are killed every year, and is one of the best places to find a turkey.     However, more and more hunters are not playing fair. They are hunting turkeys deep in the woods. That is not what is pictured when daydreaming of spring turkey hunting.     Hunting ...
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The Making of a Buck Hunter  
By Ken Nordberg

First light was minutes away on Sunday morning of our second weekend of our past firearm deer hunting season when my grandson Tyler climbed to the platform of his cousin Ryan's treestand. Ryan was now back in college. About a quarter past seven he began hearing light footsteps in the crunchy snow behind him. A couple of soft twig-snaps made it obvious those footsteps were being made by something heavy,...
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Making Sense Of Scents   By Doug Thalacker
    I was listening to a radio show where a contestant had to tell which was the true story. The topic was products that were designed to help women keep men from hitting on them. One of the suggestions was a set of sprays that smelled...
Ten Tips For Better Shooting  By John Bennett
  There is an old hunting adage that goes like this: “If you ain’t missed an easy shot, you ain’t hunted much.” While there is much truth in that statement, and while I have to admit to missing my share of easy shots, th...
Eight Guidelines For Treestand Success  By Todd Amenrud
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2013 Duck Numbers Remain Strong  By Gene Clifford
Despite slight declines, most species remain well above long-term averages.     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently released its report on 2013 trends in duck breeding populations, based on surveys conducted in May and early J...
Countdown To Whitetail Hunting  By Ken Nordberg
It's October, meaning us firearm whitetail hunters still have a month to get ready. That's good; there's a lot we still can do to improve our hunting success this November.     Take our hunting clothes—we need to make sure they ...
Fishing Boat To Hunting Boat   By Garry Burch
The fall air filled with the sounds of migrating waterfowl stirs many souls to head to the marsh for a day filled with ducks, geese and the smell of gunpowder.     Many fish and wildlife areas have pre-built blinds that you can draw f...

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